Friday, March 25, 2011

Jesus does not have to be magical

Last month I read an article in CNN from a Roman Catholic priest asserting that in order for this whole "religion" thing to work, Jesus would have to be supernatural in origin. I really don't think that really needs to be the case.

Now, if you read some of my other posts, you know that there are essentially two men in Jesus. The first one is the man before the Easter event, the second one is the Savior after the Easter event. Two completely different people as one seems a bit more real where the other seems to take on qualities that defy the natural world. I think the real Jesus was far removed from that super human person you read that rose from the dead and healed the sick...literally. I think the supernatural man's story grew out of the Christian community itself for political and sociological reasons. Regardless, if Jesus is not supernatural in origin, does that make the stories he tells any less meaningful? I think not. His message remains true regardless.

One thing to note though, and it's sort of a caveat to this whole "supernatural" business. All throughout human history, we've had people come forward who have made a very large impact on human spirituality...Jesus was one of them. We have many profits before him and many since. The interesting question isn't whether they had a supernatural element to them. The more interesting question is what did they see that the rest of us apparently cannot see. One theory is that these people had the unique ability to see a reality beyond our own. That veil between worlds was easily lifted either by them or for them. They either got a brief look into this world or saw it as regularly as we see this one. Now, this type of thing is possible as science does support multiple dimensions or realities that go along side ours. It's the kind of science that is waaaay out there on the fringes. What if these profits of ours are people who are just more in tune with a specific type of world? If this were the case....VERY big if...then there really is nothing supernatural. All of this would just be the way things work.

I think there is extremely good value in the wisdom taught in today's religious practices. Sure, there is a lot of bullshit and baggage, but I really do think that none of it has to be supernatural in order to have validity.


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  1. The supernatural bit is necessary if you define morality as "what God tells us to do." In that context, morality is not philosophically derived or even an inherent property of the universe (I've sometimes contemplated the idea of morality being akin to physics), but it is instead a cosmic-scale Might Makes Right. If God is just a cosmic tyrant, he'd better have some powers to back up his demands.