Thursday, March 31, 2011

"God exists" is not a scientific statement

...and it never has been. So, my question becomes: why do we need to prove the existence of God?

Back in the old days of,, I use to get caught in this trap....quite unknowingly actually. Someone would say "God exists", and I would say, "Prove it". My head was clearly in the wrong place for a statement such as that. If our heads are in the space of science, then the existence of God makes no sense what-so-ever...especially given the being we picture in our minds when the word "God" is mentioned. Seriously, God fails the test of science right off the bat because any theory about God cannot be falsified...ever. Meaning, that you will never be able to disprove the existence of God, so by definition you can never have a theory to go on anyway.

Let's put our heads into the space where God came from: Philosophy, Theology, Mythology. Put your heads there for a minute and say, "God exists". You there? Seriously...get your head there. Good. Much different outcome. Notice where your mind goes and how little resistance there is to exploring that statement fully. When you're in science mode, your mind is ready to disprove, right away....and that is good for certain things. When you put your mind in a philosophical and theological mode, then you tend to entertain ideas you'd never entertain before. Now...that's not to say you are more gullible. The great Philosophers were anything but gullible thinkers...yet they were not afraid to let there minds go places science would never let them.

I know some of you are atheists and some of you are not. There is a wide range of opinions on the "God's existence" question. Just remember, that in order to ponder a question properly, we have to have the right mindset. Every problem of human existence does not always require the hammer of science to answer.


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  1. One problem with any attempt to prove or disprove the existence of God (or gods) is a lack of definition. What exactly are we trying to prove or disprove? When some Jews got discouraged with God, they went ahead and made a golden calf (I'm interpreting this literally, at risk of it not being meant to). This new God was very easily proven (assuming the reliability and accuracy of senses) because it was precisely defined: a giant statue of gold that looks like a baby cow.