Sunday, February 6, 2011

UBB and Caeser

For those that read this blog and not my other one, the CRTC agreed to allow Bell Canada to start instituting caps on internet usage. This cap would amount to about 25gigs for Bell customers. Not only that, Bell would be able to charge smaller ISPs that use their network, resulting in higher operating costs which would then trickle to customers who dared to go outside the "Bell Family" for their internet. Teksavvy was a great example of what happened. Tesavvy had unlimited and 200Gig plans available for customers. With the UBB, they were forced to bring their caps to 25Gigs and institute a very confusing pricing model on all it's customers.

When news of this got around, people did not like it very much. As a gamer, I use a lot of bandwidth. As a streamer of content on Netflix, I use a lot of bandwidth. Other users who use these services...called "greedy" by CRTC officials...started using social media like Twitter and Facebook, and started an online army headed by OpenMedia. Last I checked, over 400000 people have signed the petition...and it's growing. The CRTC got its nose swatted in a public hearing and they have to go back to the "drawing board" to rethink the policy.

OK...enough background, what does this have to do with spiritual concerns. Anyone who knows who Jesus was as a person, knows that he did not care for the established order. He was a rebel. He was omeone who continually challenged the authority of the day. He a sense...a political as much as a spiritual activist. He was called "Lord" in his day (...and after he died..), a term that was only used for the highest authority of Caeser, hence he was a political power. He protested everyday of his life against powers he thought were corrupted...including Caeser and the church. In the end those powers killed him.

When I see things like the protest against UBB, you essentially have two sides: Big Telecom and their puppet the CRTC on one end, and customers of internet services on the other. As internet customers, it is clear that Big Telecom and the CRTC are the Caesers of our day. They sit there making policies with little or no concern with how it effects or hurts the people around them. When I see this type of uprising of people against power, I am very much reminded of how spiritual it is to watch. They found their Caeser. It's the same story, but different players. Jesus and Caeser. Pharaoh and Moses. CRTC and Internet People. It's the story of bondage and liberation all over again. Fascinating that we keep struggling against this over and over again throughout history.

Most likely, the people who are protesting the CRTC and Bell are not Christians. Know that it's not my job to convert or even tell them what they should be, but it amazes me how much like Christ each one of them are, just by speaking truth to power.



  1. The concept of bondage and liberation playing out this way is very interesting. However, I'm not sure what you mean by "Most likely, the people protesting the CRTC and Bell are not Christans."

    In American and many European countries Christians are an overwhelming majority. Is it not the same in Canada? I'm not familiar with the demographics there.

  2. Hmmm...what I mean is a couple things, and I should be more clear:
    1) I'm assuming that there are people of multiple belief systems protesting again UBB. Sure, the majority are Christian in Canada, but this country is anything but homogeneous when it comes to belief systems, even within the Christian faith itself.
    2) I'm also trying to infer that those who are not Christian probably don't realize that they are doing an incredibly "Jesus-like" thing by protesting in the first place.

    ...make sense?